Tramy Group Helps Polar Scientific ResearchPublish Time:2023-07-11 02:02

On July 6, the donation ceremony for China's 13th Arctic Scientific Expedition was held at the " Xue Long" special dock in Pudong Port, Shanghai. Tramy Group donated food supplies including pre made vegetables, pre made breakfast, soy products, rice products, vegetables and fruits, grains and oils, totaling 3 tons, to the Arctic scientific research team.

The polar scientific research team has been far away from the mainland for a long time, and the material supply is limited. The food materials of the scientific research station are almost all supplied by the " Xue Long" ship. Tramy Group has taken practical actions to assist China's polar scientific research cause. It is hoped that through this food and material donation, Chinese scientific research team members located at the farthest end of the earth can enjoy the taste of "safe, delicious, and healthy" hometown, and better devote themselves to the scientific research cause of our country, striving for greater honor for our country.